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Stamped Concrete services that we are proud to offer. Add color to create a beautiful patio, driveway, or walkway.

Concrete stamping

Stamped Concrete for Greeley

Concrete Patio

How much does stamped concrete cost?

Because concrete stamping is very affordable, it is becoming more and more popular. Our work is so precise that you can barely tell the difference between stamping and actual stone. concrete that has been poured and stamped tends to be the cheaper option.  Because concrete is fairly inexpensive, you can cover more ground in one pour than covering the same amount of space with paver tiles which need to be purchased individually. Not to mention the cost of labor for installation of each piece. Laying pavers and stone will cost twice as much. ($30/sq. ft as compared to $15/sq ft). Also, consider the added value to your home, sometimes up to 8-10%. 

Average Cost of Concrete Stamping

$8-$12/square ft


  • One Color
  • One Pattern

$12-$18/square ft


  • Multiple Color (limited)
  • Multiple Patterns (limited)
  • Added Coloring Effects
  • Some Borders


$18-$up/square ft


  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unlimited Patterns
  • Special Coloring Effects
  • Hand Applied Detail
  • Unlimited Border Choices

Gallery of Stamped & Colored Concrete

concrete stamping driveway

Concrete Patio, Stamped

stamped concrete patio

Concrete Patio, Stamped, with Color

greeley flatwork patio

Colored Concrete Patio

cement steps

Colored Concrete Patio with Steps

colored concrete patio with steps

Colored Concrete Patio with Steps

Concrete patio with steps

Colored Concrete Patio with Steps

concrete stamped pool

Completed Pool Patio

Concrete stamping

Concrete Driveway with Color, Stamped

Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns


This is an attractive pattern when it is used in small spaces. The natural angels bring the eyes forward and is a great option for a pathway.

Running Bond Pattern

This is often described as a common brick pattern. it is the most used and familiar of all stamped patterns. The color options are many and can be arranged into many different patterns. 

European Fan

For those who appreciate the architecture found n Europe, this pattern is beautiful when paired wit pillars or arches. The European Fan is very complimentary to many landscapes and has a graceful look. It is a very popular pattern. 

Wood Grain

If you’re looking for the warmth that wood brings, but do not want the upkeep and maintenance, this wood grain stamp pattern is the one for you. Always a popular choice, this pattern easily fits in with any decor. 

Roman Cobble Pattern

Roman Cobble

This pattern brings old world charm to any setting and fits in with many landscape designs. Charming and interesting, this pattern is a beautiful option for homeowners. 

concrete of greeley stamped patio

Ashlar Slate

Lending itself well to a more contemporary feel, Ashlar Slate is a clean look offering a smooth, unbroken surface. Inquire about the many options in this concrete stamp style.

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