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We offer Concrete Services for both residential and commercial properties.

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Concrete Services for Greeley, Colorado

Stamped and Colored Concrete

Concrete Stamping

Let’s discuss all your options including:

Changing your patio from a dull gray cement slab to a beautiful patio you’ll want to spend time in is a great way to improve the value of your life. It can improve the value of your home, too. Whether you need a simple repair to an existing patio, or want to demo and create a new one that utilizes all the new features in cement, we are your go-to concrete company. We have extensive experience and will be with you every step of the way, from the consultation to the final installation. 

Concrete Services Driveway

Concrete Driveways

Our concrete contractor can complete all the concrete driveway work and assure that it is built to code for:

  • New home
  • Home additions
  • Garage additions

Concrete of Greeley can help if you need a new concrete driveway for your new home, or need to demo and replace your damaged driveway for your existing home. Our services reach to Greeley, Loveland, and Fort Collins. We serve both the commercial and residential community.

Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio

Did you know that adding a patio to your home can increase your home value by 8-10% and has a return on investment of over 80%? If you already have a patio, consider repairing it or refinishing it. Repair and refinishing estimates average around $1,400. This provides a return on invest of almost 500%! Read on to explore more concrete services. 

Colored Concrete

Colored Concrete

When pouring a new slab for your patio or concrete driveway, why settle for boring gray when you can choose warm, earth tones? These colors can compliment your home and landscape surroundings to create great curb appeal.  

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Parking Lots

First impressions are important and that’s true for your business as well. The parking lot is your customer’s first impression of your business. For commercial solutions, we are your concrete contractor. We can pour new parking lots or repair them to create a more pleasant parking space for your customers. 

Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk/Walkway

We provide flatwork services for walkways and sidewalks. We believe in keeping our families and customers safe by creating a walkway that make accessibility easy. 

Concrete Steps

Concrete Steps

Consider concrete steps as a solution to your front or back patio. The absolute strength and durability of concrete for steps is unsurpassed. Add color to the concrete for a more dramatic look. Concrete Stamping can provide many different styles from stone, brick, or pavers with trim. We can help design the space to your satisfaction. 

Garage Additions

Garage Additions

Use our concrete calculator to get an idea of what it would cost to add another space to your garage. Use it for another car or an additional workspace. We provide heated, and reinforced options. 

Concrete Repair and Installation

Concrete Repair

After completing more that 250 concrete projects across the state, one thing we know very well is repair of concrete. Because it requires very little maintenance, it’s years before repairs are needed. But you can count on us to make it look  and perform like new.  Let us help you recover your concrete whether it be your driveway, sidewalk or patio. 

Patio flatwork

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