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Let us complete your concrete driveway. They are our signature. Concrete of Greeley offers both reinforced and unenforced cement driveways. We offer many options and designs, which include colored concrete and concrete stamping.

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Will your Concrete Driveway be Expensive?

If you’re getting a new concrete driveway completed, you might want to know approximately how much it might cost. We’ve created a grid for you to get an idea of what your new driveway might cost. This guide doesn’t take the place of an actual quote but can estimate the figure for actual materials and labor.  Get a quote for your specific project if you’d like exact numbers.  

Choosing a reinforced or non-reinforced driveway will significantly affect your end price. Reinforced concrete includes rebar placed evenly throughout the entire concrete pad to give it more strength. 


Concrete driveway cost (non-reinforced)

Concrete driveway cost in Greeley can range from $6 to $11 per square foot for un-reinforced concrete. Many homeowners require demolition of the existing concrete driveway in addition to replacement. In that case, the square foot cost could be between $2.60 – $4.20 per square foot.  

(non-reinforced) based on driveway size

Here are some estimates for what you can expect to pay for a concrete driveway that is non-reinforced. Remember that these prices are just a rough estimate. We suggest you go through the quote process to get an exact quote. 

(12 ft x 30 ft, un-reinforced concrete): $2,200 to $4,100.

(12 ft x 40 ft, un-reinforced concrete): $3,000 to $5,400.

(12 ft x 50 ft, un-reinforced concrete): $3,700 to $6,800.

(12 ft x 60 ft, un-reinforced concrete): $4,400 to $8,100.

(24 ft x 30 ft, un-reinforced concrete): $4,400 to $8,100.

(24 ft x 40 ft, un-reinforced concrete): $5,900 to $10,900.

(24 ft x 50 ft, un-reinforced concrete): $7,400 to $13,600.

(24 ft x 60 ft, un-reinforced concrete): $8,900 to $16,300.

Note: One-car driveways typically vary in width from 9 to 12 feet. Two-car driveways typically vary in width from 18 to 24 feet. Above, we used the larger widths in our calculations.

Concrete demolition cost.

Concrete demolition cost ranges from $1.30 to $2.10 per square foot. 

Additional Things to Consider with Concrete Driveway Costs

As with any contractor who comes to your home to provide a quote, we consider other factors that a homeowner may not be aware of. These factors can either increase or decrease the cost of your project. Pricing for your concrete driveway project will vary based on the thickness of the slab, whether you use rebar to reinforce, and site conditions. Following are several items to keep in mind when you’re evaluating quotes from different companies. 

Price may be higher if:

  • Concrete (rebar) is used.
  • Thicker slab (6 to 8 inches rather than 4 to 5 inches).
  • Demolition and removal.  
  • Property location and environment.
  • Roots that need to be removed.
  • Color concrete, stained concrete or decorative concrete. 
  • Driveway on a hill.
  • Dirt hauled in or out of site.

Price may be lower if: 

  • Un-reinforced concrete.
  • Thinner slab (4-5 inches) 
  • Flat job site with “normal” soil (not solid clay) 
  • No demolition needed. 
  • Soil, trees, roots or large rock removal. 
  • “Plain” cement (without colors, etc..) 
  • Easily accessible job site.
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Concrete Stamping Your Driveway

$8-$12/square ft


  • One Color
  • One Pattern

$12-$18/square ft


  • Multiple Color (limited)
  • Multiple Patterns (limited)
  • Added Coloring Effects
  • Some Borders


$18-$up/square ft


  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unlimited Patterns
  • Special Coloring Effects
  • Hand Applied Detail
  • Unlimited Border Choices

Popular Concrete Stamp Patterns
that work for your concrete driveway.



Running Bond Pattern


European Fan


Roman Cobble Pattern

Roman Cobble


concrete of greeley stamped patio

Ashlar Slate


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